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    Wednesday, January 15th, 2025
    10:30 am
    Friends Only.
    Thursday, August 14th, 2008
    9:46 am
    Everyone Say Hi to Ruy!

    There's now Brazilian Representation on my LJ. graciema has a journal now.
    Wednesday, August 6th, 2008
    10:52 am
    Everyone say hi to Graciema!
    Thursday, March 20th, 2008
    10:42 am
    My brother finally arrested a suspect that he's been trying to bring into custody for about a week. This perp hangs out at the corner of lawrenceville Hwy & Pleasant hill. He did alot of recon and research to figure out how to bring this perp to justice.

    I hate the word 'perp'

    Anyway, last night, at around 11:40, after establishing a tactic of arrest, Jeff approached the subject, who was sitting near a windowsill, asleep. As he approached, he identified himself as law enforcement, and the perp paid little attention to him. He approached the subject in order to apprehend him, and the perp attacked him. Eventually, he brought the suspect into custody.

    The original charge was Loitering and Prowling, but due to the attack on a law enforcement officer, there has also been a felony obstruction charge established.

    This felon is a rooster.

    Gwinnett County is just that much safer now. Here's some other points:

    - Since the suspect has not given his name, My brother assigned him one. Its Mr. Squiggles, Eater of souls, bringer of hellfire.

    - Since animal control closes at 12, and my brother would not have made it to the animal control shelter unless he went code one (which would be illegal in this case), my brother brought the suspect to his own home, in a box. I would consider that a breach of police procedure, as you're not supposed to bring the suspect to your house. I would also consider this a form of illegal imprisonment. Since you also are not supposed to keep a suspect in a cardboard box, duct taped shut. (there were breathing holes, in accordence to advice given to him on how to properly care for a rooster.

    - The only way my brother could keep the rooster overnight is to treat this Rooster as a juvenile. Since the Rooster had no form of ID, and wouldnt otherwise identify itself, my brother made the determination that its a juvenile, based off his prior history of arresting juveniles...."Well, he made an awful lot of noise. And when it comes to juveniles, they're either lying to you or making strange noises."

    - I have agreed to act as defense attorney for this rooster, pro bono, of course. I do not beleive that the rooster was in breach of Georgia State or Gwinnett County statute, simply in remaining near the corner of Lawrenceville Hwy & Pleasant Hill. I also beleive that there were significant issues in the apprehension and false imprisonment of said rooster.

    - My brother's seargent said she will tape a picture of Jeff on the officer of the month board, for bringing such a suspect to justice.

    This being said, Perhaps Jeff or one of the resident lawyers here can help me build a case for this rooster.